About Girls Like Me


Our Story

I would not be here or where I am without your love and support.

So now I am paying it forward-Girls Like me exist to serve girls & boys all over the world. Sharing our stories and theirs. Let's continue to create authentic communities in love by spreading our reach making sure those we can help truly know they are not alone.

I know firsthand the effects of growing up and not having everything needed to cultivate the most healthy environment. I had and still have an amazing Father, but it also took many many men and women in my family, school, church & community to contribute to me becoming the woman I am today. It is truly an honor that I get to serve with organizations like As One Charity & walk alongside girls like Nikol (pictured on our home page who I met in Jamaica).

She recently lost her dad and is pursuing an education at Ulster Springs Primary so she can make a difference in her family and country. Fortunately, most of us grew up in a country where education was encouraged and we had adequate school supplies to support us getting, at minimum, a decent education. The kids in Trelawny, Jamaica don't usually get things that easily. With As One Charity I get to come alongside of these young folks and support them in seeing what is truly possible for them in the world. I get to take what I've learned from my relationships with you & pour into making a difference in not just what these kids are facing now, but in the direction of our future. These kids here in Jamaica, locally and all over the world are our future. Please consider continuing to further your reach and broadening your investment to help with the work we're doing in the US, Jamaica, Ghana, Egypt and many other countries all over the world.

We will be going back to Jamaica in August to raise money for school supplies, updates to the school & host a creative arts camp where we can encourage kids to use education as a vehicle to achieving their dreams and being a lifelong learner.
I'm sure you've heard this before & I will forever echo it, because it is true: none of this can be done without you. Please help us to continue our efforts together in being the change we want to see in the world. Click below to give what you can today. And again, thank you for how you've already been such a generous contribution to my life. There are no words that can ever express my gratitude & the impact you've made to my growth and the ongoing development of generations to come.